Jezebel book of the bible

The author has done her research and her knowledge of hebrew pays off as she explains mistranslations and other mistakes that contributed to jezebel s tarnished reputation in the bible. Jezebel appears in the bible in 1 kings, first in chapter 16, verse 31, stated as daughter of ethbaal, king of the sidonians instead of phoenicians. Discover the bible story verses and meaning of jezebel from the book of kings. Jezebel was a killer and prostitute, but she had her good side the reigning icon of womanly evil. Scholars generally identify 1 and 2 kings as part of the deuteronomistic history, attributed either to a single author or to a group of authors and editors collectively known as the deuteronomist. The fall of jezebel biblical stories explained youtube. Ahab and jezebel in the bible the story of jezebel, the phoenician wife of king ahab of israe l, is recounted in several brief passages scattered throughout the books of kings. Jezebel s death isnt recorded until the book of 2 kings 9. Jezebel was a killer and prostitute, but she had her good. The bible does not describe her childhood, but from deductive reasoning, it is. Jezebel was the wife of king ahab who ruled the kingdom of israel. Bible verses related to jezebel from the king james version kjv by relevance sort by book order revelation 2. The bible prophecy page 4 of 8 we ought to obey allah. At the beginning of the 9th century, a phoenician princess named jezebel was born, the daughter of king ethball.

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