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To unlock more songs on project diva f, you must clear a song with a standard grade or higher. Ppd atau project project dxxx adalah project diva untuk pc. Project diva is a rhythm game developed by the hit game company sega with the cooperation of crypton future media released in 20. Click button below to download emulator and hatsune miku project diva 2nd.

It was created by khcmaster, and designed for play on the computer. This version of project diva is fanmade, and is also known as project project dxxx, project diva simulator. Project diva fan made chn pc download for pcwindows. This patch uses a plugin to make the game 100% english, if you get only the iso it will be partially translated, the plugin makes it 100% english, as of now there is no way to use plugins on ppsspp.

Ppdxxx is not the only pd computer simulator out there. Hatsune miku project diva 2nd kasane teto japan iso psp. Hatsune miku project diva f version for pc gamesknit. Game description, information and pc download page. If you wish to unlock the song at a higher difficulty, you. Bisa bikin lagu juga lagi, walaupun gak selengkap project diva di psp tapi cukup.

In order to use this hatsune miku project diva rom you will need to download a psp emulator. There are emulators for different platforms like windows, android, ios and mac os x. Project diva 2nd on the psp, gamefaqs has 5 save games. Here you can always find the link of the songs that i loaded myself on mediafire, so you can download them and then play. All our files are hosted in rapidgator as they keep the files longer than other file hosts.

Depending on the time i had to prepare, i would likely go for ppdaka project dxxx. Hisokeee has a good tutorial on how to get it set up. Apr 21, 2018 if you only have a pc and dont want to get a console, there are still simulators for project diva series on pc namely the old chinese project diva pc, which simulates the original psp project diva, and ppd which simulates the arcade versionfuture tone. Heya i know this is a bit late but this is probably just ppd but modded. Jun 10, 2012 here you will find all psp games on mediafire, action games psp, first person shooter games psp, platform games psp, adventure games psp, fighting games psp free download psp games mediafire link. Project diva 2nd, and was first released on november 10, 2011 in japan with no international release. It has been a while but im mostly sure you have to hit enter or space or something on one of those updates to start it. The following page includes information on pd pc, and ppdxxx.

If you want to play the full game, i recommend downloading a psp emulator. Game ini bisa dijalankan dengan normal di emulator ppsspp dan file game ini sudah termasuk high compress. Kaito miku luka project diva arcade english lyrics romaji subtitles. Nov 25, 2014 if you want to play arcade, download a psp emulator and the project diva game. Project diva extend english patched psp iso rom download for console. Hatsune miku project diva f is a 2012 musicality amusement made by sega and crypton future media for the playstation vita and playstation 3. Project diva 2nd japan iso for playstation portable psp and play project diva 2nd japan on your devices windows pc, mac,ios and android. It is the fifth version of the series of vocaloid rhythm games by hatsune miku. The game is an expansion to the 2010 video game, hatsune miku. You also may need songs loaded before it will start.

Project diva english patched is a rhythm video game published by sega released on july 2, 2009 for the psp. If you have requests to add more songs to ppd can apply in the discussion of this group, i hope you enjoy yourself ppd. However, the installation instructions are a bit vague and i find it much easier. Its only 2 months away from my university test but heck ill still on search for my personal reality. The controller is built to support both future tone on ps4 and ppd on pc. Download hatsune miku project diva extend rom for free you need an emulator. I cant download a song, but i can download others just fine, why.

Sadly, this game is only available for the psp until raiizen came out with a pcfriendly version. Hatsune miku project diva 2nd rom psp roms download. Jan 31, 2018 here you will be able to get the most complete listing of vita iso vpk for your handheld. Dec 01, 2018 ok this time i show how to install from beginning the right way, shuda done this from the beginning. Hatsune miku project diva 2nd japan is a psp game but you can play it through ppsspp a psp emulator and this file is tested and really works. Project diva future tone on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message. Raiizen was kind enough to upload everything on their blogging website. I just want to let you people without psp know that you can also play project diva on your pc. Here you can find all the updates of the songs you add on mediafire and those who possess this game, so you can also play all together in multiplayer. Ppd bukan emulator,khcmaster membuat game yang mirip dengan project diva di psp. Download hatsune miku project diva 2nd playstation portable psp rom and play hatsune miku project diva 2nd on phone, pc or mac.

Project diva for the pc download and faqs pixel imperfect. Project diva 2nd japan playstation portable psp iso download. Project diva extend is a 2011 rhythm game created by sega and crypton future media for the playstation portable. Project diva adalah sebuah game yang diterbitkan oleh sega dan juga dikembangkan oleh sega dan crypton future media, dirilis pada tanggal 2 juli 2009 untuk psp dan wilayah japan.

Just visit site, get direct download links and enjoy. Now theres a fanmade version of project diva that simulates the gameplay which you would experience on the psp or the. This game contains a ton of songs from every previous project diva game on psp, ps vita, and ps3 in hd. This is direct download link from 5kroms with high speed port. This involves pressing the correct combination of buttons as they appear onscreen, whilst miku dances around in the background singing. Nes nintendo 64 playstation playstation 2 playstation 3 psp super nintendo. That simulator is fine, but be aware that it is a simulation of the first psp game and is nothing like the current project diva games. May 14, 2014 free download project diva pc hd download song pack. Ok this time i show how to install from beginning the right way, shuda done this from the beginning. Basically, its a rhythm game using vocaloid characters and songs. Project diva is a video game that features the famous vocaloid, hatsune miku. You are to be locked in a room for 100 years with no light, sound, or. Project diva was a rhythm game produced by sega for sonys psp. Project diva future tone simulator region free pc download for pcwindows.

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