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Jun 21, 20 the middle east program offers the latest news on the iranian presidential election of june 20, based on a selection of iranian news sources. Iran, april 2018 iran, february 2018 coming events 2018 2 2017 21 2016 29 2015 48 2014 68 20 118 2012 108 2011 106 2010 142 2009 202 2008 106 2007 158 2006 177 2005 112 2004 92 2003 93 2002 37 2001 23 2000 5 before 2000. List of candidates in the 20 iranian presidential election. The nature of the elections in iran have been a contentious issue. This list includes candidates who announced, withdrew, declined or were disqualified their nomination for the election. Jul 14, 2015 august 20 hassan rouhani defeats several hardline candidates to become iran s president, declaring his country ready for serious nuclear talks. Opinion the patient resilience of irans reformers the. Results from iranian presidential election start to trickle. Iran announces it will restart uranium enrichment following the election of hardline president mahmoud ahmadinejad, a critical iran report by the iaea to the u. Opposition activists have staged a number of protests since ahmadinejads re election. Timeline of nuclear diplomacy with iran arms control. Jun, 2009 mahmoud ahmadinejad has been reelected as president of iran in a resounding victory, the interior minister says.

Iran dialogue has been sparse and largely fruitless. President donald trumps re election campaign but were unsuccessful, sources familiar with the. Iran accused of using online censorship and hacking to. The guardian council screened 680 registered candidates, approving eight to run in the. It includes the latest developments and analysis of news about the upcoming election. Timeline of irans political events the iran primer. The soviet union violated its prior agreement and remained.

Iran accused of using online censorship and hacking to sway presidential poll. May president obama sent a letter to ayatollah khamenei before iran s june presidential elections that called for improved relations through cooperation and regional bilateral relations. May 24, 20 a guide to iran s presidential election may 24, 20. Secretary of state john kerry travels to muscat for talks with sultan qaboos largely focused on ensuring the viability of the omani channel ahead of irans election in june. The iran election update is a daily summary of uptodate information with links to news in both english and farsi. Sep 23, 2016 president hassan rouhani, the moderate incumbent, was first elected in 20 on a platform that included achieving sanctions relief through a nuclear deal.

Princess fawzia fuad of egypt, queen consort of iran 19411948 b. Iran regained control over the territory of the azerbaijan peoples. Timeline on irans nuclear program the new york times. The report defines irans nuclear weapons program as design and. February 1985 fresh from his landslide reelection to a second term, president reagan articulates what became known as the reagan doctrine in his state of the. March 20 the iaea released a report detailing irans implementation of the interim nuclear deal brokered in november 20. Rouhani wins reelection in iran by a wide margin the new. January iran arrested 11 journalists accused of working with. Timeline of nuclear diplomacy with iran arms control association. Iranian presidential election 20 world the guardian. In its last report before the iranian elections next month, the agency also gives.

The islamic republic of iran is a revolutionary theocratic state formed in 1979 following. May 16, 2017 iran goes to the polls on 19 may in the countrys first presidential elections since the landmark nuclear agreement in 2015, when tehran agreed to roll back its nuclear programme in exchange for. Khamenei briefly mentioned the letter in his friday sermon. The sovietbacked kurdish republic of mahabad declared its independence from iran. Polls opened to more than 46 eligible iranian voters aged 18 and above in the early hours of friday.

Legislative elections were held in iran on 21 february, and the second round will be held on 11 september 2020, four years after the previous legislative election in 2016. A chronology of key events in iran s history, from the first persian empire to the present. Since the disputed 2009 vote, the reformist camp has. Hassan rouhanis victory in the june 20 iranian presidential elections signaled a shift. Whether iran is racing toward nuclear weapon capabilities is one of the most. Britain, france and germany engage iran in nuclear negotiations. Us imposes sanctions 1995 us imposes oil and trade sanctions over iran s alleged sponsorship of terrorism, seeking to acquire nuclear arms and hostility to the middle east process. May 22, 2017 the patient resilience of irans reformers. Iran remains neutral, but is friendly towards the axis powers. Why hassan rouhani won irans 20 presidential election. Jun 14, 20 youths ride past campaign posters in downtown tehran on thursday, june, a day ahead of the countrys presidential election. Hardliner mahmoud ahmadinejads presidency from 200520 transformed. Security council, and after britain, france and germany walk out of. As mandatory term limits prohibited the current president from.

October 10, 1984 the second boland amendment outlaws the use of the cia or third parties in aiding the contras in nicaragua. At the end of the meetings, negotiators announce that no further. Polls have closed in iran s first election since a deal with world powers over the countrys nuclear programme and the lifting of sanctions. France 24 traces the tumultuous relations between the. The most recent parliamentary election and the most recent assembly of experts elections were held on 26 february 2016. Jun 14, 20 an al jazeera english video report on election day in iran. Although there was a reduction in traffic caused by the extreme throttling, there were still over 400,000 connections made by 125,000 unique users. Voting was extended three times as crowds reportedly. The presidential election is unlikely to disrupt iranian foreign policy in a fundamental way, given that the supreme leader is the ultimate decision maker. This is a list of candidates in 20 iranian presidential election which was held on 14 june 20. Updates on election day in iran the new york times. The report noted that tehran has not enriched any more uranium to 20 percent.

Timeline of irans foreign relations the iran primer. Summary report irans june 14, 20 elections national democratic institute 2 of 15 the 20 elections in iran produced an outcome surprising to many observers and analysts, notably, the firstround win of the relatively moderate hassan rowhani. Jan 06, 2020 2012 october iran s rial currency falls to a new record low against the us dollar, losing 80% of its value since 2011 because of international sanctions. Khamenei agrees to an investigation into the disputed presidential election and asks opposition leader moussavi to pursue his allegation of ballot. Psiphon and the 20 iranian election karl kathuria 20 1028t00. The most recent presidential election and the most recent local elections were held on 14 june 20, simultaneously for the first time. Iran election, june 15 to iran election, june 18 june 1921.

The reformists are expected to play a marginal role in the 20 election. If extortion about one candidate, he has the mandate to defend himherself in next programs. Reformistbacked cleric hassan rouhani wins irans presidential election, securing just over 50% of the vote and so avoiding a runoff. Irans nuclear program began in the 1950s but was slow to progress. He brings modernization to iran, but is resented by devout muslims. Trump reelection campaign targeted by iranlinked hackers. Any iranian citizen above 18 years of age was able to register as a presidential candidate. He will be made prime minister in 1923 and shah of iran in 1925. Hassan rouhani wins iranian election, promising relief from sanctions that are crippling the countrys economy and signaling a new willingness to engage on the nuclear issue. Iran s top clerical body, the assembly of experts, hailed the mass turnout in the june 12 presidential election but stayed silent on the disputed results. The 290seat islamic consultative assembly consists of 285 directly elected members and five seats reserved for. A hacking group that appears to be linked to the iranian government attempted to break into u.

Tensions between israel and iran are at a peak following israels retaliatory strikes against iranian military targets in syria this week. He delivered on a 20 pledge to end irans economic isolation after years of evertighter global sanctions. Hassan rouhani won with a landslide victory, elected in the first round of voting with 50. Irans june 14, 20 elections national democratic institute. Psiphons software remained available throughout this period. An institution called the election monitoring agency ema and managed by the guardian council vets registered candidates and approves a handful to run in the election. Irans june 14, 20 elections preliminary postelection analysis national democratic institute washington dc june 20, 20 on june 14, 20, iranian citizens went to the polls in the countrys 11th presidential and 4th city and village council elections. Presidential elections were held in iran on 14 june 20. Najmeh bozorgmehr, the financial times correspondent in iran, reported that there was a huge line of voters waiting for more ballots to arrive at a polling place in west tehran within the past hour. May 20, 2017 president hassan rouhani defeated his closest rival, ebrahim raisi, 57 percent to 38. Iran leader releases hossein derakhshan, suspected of spying for israel and given prison term of 19 years for insulting islam published.

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