Terminal emulation software for routers

A product of vandyke software, securecrt provides telnet, serial, and. Connect the rj45 jack of your console cable to the console port of your cisco router or switch. Download putty a free ssh and telnet client for windows. Hyperterminal is terminal emulator software which is included with windows. Putty is an ssh and telnet client, developed originally by simon tatham for the windows platform. Ccna routing and switching introduction to networks 6. Freefloat accessone is the market leading autoid enabled host access software, or terminal emulator. Access the cisco cli with one of these five terminal emulators. If you are using windows xp, you can use hyperterminal to configure, monitor and manage cisco routers and switches. A good alternative terminal emulator software to hyperterminal is putty. What this means is that it offers you a textbased command prompt on a remote device. Putty is open source software that is available with source code and is developed and supported by a group of volunteers. The dynamips emulator can boot ios images from 7200, 3600, 3700.

Cisco ccna routing and switching introduction networks 5. You can create configurations and later deploy them to real routers. Using software in a desktop machine to make it perform like a hardware terminal. The pc uses this software to send commands to your router.

It emulates different types of computer terminals, from dec vt100 to dec vt382. Configure the terminal emulation software with the parameters described in about the console port. You can use a terminal emulator to connect to a router. You can configure your router from a pc that is connected through the console port by using terminal emulation software. Lab managing router configuration files with terminal emulation. Next, you must configure the terminal emulationprogram settings to match the settings onthe routers console port. Connect the other end to the serial port of your computer. Hyperterminal is terminal emulator software which is included with windows operating systems, up to windows xp. How to use hyperterminal terminal emulator to configure.

In this lab, you will use tera term to back up a router running configuration file, erase the router startup configuration file, reload the router, and then restore the missing router configuration from the backup configuration file. Hyperterminal is no longer available from windows vista onwards. Router configuration files with terminal emulation software download doc. In simple words, unlike the classic terminal that performed functions using hardware, the terminal emulator executes the same tasks in software. Terminal emulation archives page 2 of 2 the rocket. Hyperterminal is a terminal emulator program that runs in windows. Terminal emulation software can be used to easily back up or restore a router or switch configuration file.

In this lab, you will use tera term to back up a router. Router configuration files with terminal emulation software real lab. Practice cisco router configuration using a free emulator. To connect to a cisco router or switch using hyperterminal, follow these steps.

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