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You may obtain information from mapletip for your own usage, however you should give credit to us. Lol serene died 2 weeks after i rejoined dx about my transition between hunter to crossbowman first time using vegas and pretty rushed lol. Below is a list that states the pros and cons for each subclass. This video has all the description for 4th job bowman bow master and crossbow master skills. Nov 18, 2005 since many users uses hunter i decided to take a different path. I am looking for more multiplayer online games to play. Below is the hierarchy order of pirate advancement. Maplestory crossbowman 2nd job advancement youtube. Some players choose hunter because of 4th job skill storm of arrow aka hurricane, some chose this because the bow does not cover their face, and etc. Acquires a stunning mob skill in 2nd job and highdamaging firebased mob skill in. The wild hunter is a member of the resistance, and fights for the liberation of edelstein, her hometown, currently occupied by the black wings. Hunter uses bow while crossbowman uses crossbow to fight against enemies.

This specific job route is determined when you reach level 30. E4 become a hunter crossbowman when you show the proof of hero to helana, shell ask if you want to be a hunter bowmans advance or a crossbowman. Maplestory europe usefull bug to get to cbdmalaysia fast. A relatively complete guide from archer to sniper mapleroyals. Based on its master level, the critical damage boost will. Hunters attack faster, but they do less damage than crossbowmen.

Maplestory is a freetoplay, 2d, sidescrolling mmorpg developed by nexon north america. Both class has almost same skill, but if you are only gonna get 2nd job, i would suggest become hunter, if you wanna get 3rd job, becoming sniper is better. Arrow bomb also have a pretty long stun maybe 5 sec or so which is useful in places like lmpq or chronos and some others. Archer bowman double jump jump one more time during jumping to travel even further press, arrow key consecutively to jump up one more time, and press v,v arrow key consecutively do descend fast. Maplestory forums general maplestory fashion updates, patches, tech quests maplestory 2 merchanting gms ems other regions bowman forums bowman bow master marksman wild hunter mercedes wind archer mage forums mage fire poison arch mage ice lightning arch mage kinesis bishop evan battle mage luminous kanna blaze wizard beast tamer pirate.

But unlike hunters, crossbowmen are a bit slower, but a bit more powerful. Arrow bomb is a better skill than iron arrow, my xbow friends say the skill isnt really good and it shoots straight instead of moving towards the enemy so you cant snipe and stuff. After you collect 30, talk to the instructor and youll be given a proof of hero. Download the mmorpg maplestory x isekai quartet update. More info ingame, if you actually care about it play hunter story. Advertisments are used to pay for recurring costs associated with mapletip.

Maplestory 2nd job bowman crossbowman skills, skill build skill allocation with explanation. In third job, xbowmen have skills that can freeze, which gives them a slight advantage. Crossbowmen are one of the least common classes in the game, so be proud of becoming one. Section e the way of the hunter crossbowman e1 requirements to become a hunter crossbowman in order to advance as a hunter, you must have be level 30, a bowman no further comment, and have spent all your skill points from the first job. Select maplestory as the process you want to hack in the cheat engine. Hunter if you like really fast attacking with moderate numbers. Introduction the wild hunter is a member of the resistance that fires a volley of arrows from the back of a tamed jaguar to overpower foes with relentless atta. Bring this back to athena pierce and she will ask you if you want to be a crossbowman or a hunter. Wild hunter has less mobility than a mercedes, but better overall damage, and more interesting skills imo.

Maple story final attack huntercrossbowman guide v1. I have used all bows and crossbows i am able to use, and i like crossbows better. Shell give you a letter and youve to pass it to the job advancement instructor near henesys. What is better crossbowman of bowman in maplestory answers. However, lets go more in depth as to the pros and cons of each classes. Wild hunter a crossbowman that rides around on and attacks from a jaguar. Jun 18, 20 maplestory bowman is an explorer archer which has 2 subclasses hunter and crossbowman hunter uses bow while crossbowman uses crossbow. Jun 11, 2016 how to make a master bowmen in maple story. Ayumilove maplestory red dual blade skill build guide. Vital hunter the further you are from your enemy, the lower their defenses will be. Kongregate free online game hunter story in a nutshell, maplestory in flash form. Other games in nexons repertoire include vindictus, mabinogi, and dragon nest.

Hidden street is a fansite set up to provide cohesive and comprehensive information to maplestory gamers. Comments for ayumilove maplestory guild emblem simulator back to ayumilove maplestory guild emblem simulator. Maplestory powerleveling maplestory mesos hacks cheats. They have more dex than the hunter and can deal a significantly stronger attack. A crossbowman gets more dex even if there is a hunter with the exact same equipment because crossbowmen need less str to equip their corresponding levels weapon. First, register at, download the game, blah blah blah. Acquires a stunning mob skill in 2nd job and highdamaging firebased mob skill in 3rd job. I you want to use bows, go with hunter, if you want to use crossbows go with crossbowman. Advertisements found in this site are to support server and related costs of maintaining this website. The skill iron arrow looks very nice and attracts more attention than the arrow bomb because at the beginning of iron arrow, a whole bunch of blue light is built up at your arrow. My first bowman was planned to be a hunter but my sniper friend talked me into going crossbowman. Arrow eruption marks the point where you depart from the signature hell of a second job crossbowman and enter the sweet golden phase of a sniper. Maplestory blows other mmos away with its 32 character classes.

Maplestory marksman skill build guide posted in maplestory. Since many users uses hunter i decided to take a different path. Oct 25, 2006 ice shot for crossbowman, fire shot for hunter both attack can attack 6 amys, ice shot use ice and freeze amy, fire shot use fire and a bit stronger than ice shot. For this job, you will undergo as crossbowman 2nd job advancement, sniper 3rd job advancement and marksman 4th job advancement. Increase in crossbow attacking speed for 48 seconds. Bowman main page pirate gunslinger vaklyrie outlaw captain corsair.

Twohanded mace, spear, polearm, bow, crossbow, claw, knuckle, gun, dual bowgun. Potions and buff skills can be used in the lobby and the timer will be paused. Mapletip is a notforprofit website aimed at providing maplestory players the best possible information. Bowmen are strong and a very fun class to play, and have some of the highest dpm rates later on in the game. At their second job, archers have two alternatives, hunter or crossbowman, and will proceed on to ranger and sniper respectively. Jan, 2011 maplestory crossbowman to sniper duration. Ive personally never played a 4th job hunter, but on my 4th job crossbowman, at level 120, i could hit around 400k with snipe, and 300k with pierce when attacking the max amount of mobs. Having your jag is nice, and you have access to stance as a wild hunter. Oct 31, 2014 maplestory wild hunter skill build guide v4 kms v1.

Hunter story hacker story treasure hunter assassin vs mushmom flash talk. They also have some similar skills with each other. Play hunter story, a free online game on kongregate. Wild hunters also have maple warrior and heros will. Trapping requires less skill and leaves you free to spend time. Maplestory dual blade training spots level 1200dual blade 1st job skill build guide rog. They can move onward towards becoming a ranger, and further towards to bow master. Take note that 2nd 3rd and 4th job skills requires specific weapon bow or crossbow depending on the path you have chosen in 2nd job to activate the skill. Maplestory flash games maplestory mapleanime, flashgames. Archer hunter ranger bow master crossbowman sniper marksman. Mercedes is a monster about moving around a map only second to nova characters, including tons of movement attacks. In fourth job, bowmen get the move hurricane, which is primarily why people go bow instead of xbow. What does final attack for hunter or crossbowman do in maplestory and is it good to build it up. Bowman ayumilove hiddensanctuary for maplestory guides.

Most players of maplestory fondly remember the game as a stereotypical grindfest. They have some of the highest mobility in the game and can do. After downloading maple story in the official website, install it, also. They have a variety of skills to help attack, evade danger, buff their damage, and launch. Phantom is a thief character with the ability to mimic skills from adventurer. Maplestory bowmancrossbowman faq pc by gonucks gamefaqs. Ayumilove maplestory wild hunter skill build guide v4. I would say wh is a lot more complicated due to having to manage your cougar and your own skills, and is slightly more fun than spamming snipe for every boss. Download it through the nexon launcher, which can be found on nexons website. I quit that crossbowman at 43 and made another bowman as soon as i got hunter i realized how much more i like playing with bows than crossbows. Once you got them, go talk to the instructor and she will give you the proof of a hero. One of the worlds largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. Would we be able to choose to be a crossbowman and.

Maplestory and any related images and content are ed by nexon. Go to bowman instructional school in henesys once youve reached lv 30. Iron arrow active fires a steel arrow that can penetrate enemy defenses. A battle mage uses a staff for physical attacks, a wild hunter rides a jaguar while wielding a crossbow. Now that list is just raw output damage, under perfect circumstances for each class, so if thats what youre worried about then pick a marksman. Sep 19, 2008 hunter shoots much faster than crossbowman. Maplestory red dual blade skill build guide 20maplestory red dual blade is a adventurer thief class who wields a dagger and blade but are not able to to use claw and throwing star. The crossbowman, also known as the xbowman, focuses on its attack and accuracy.

Maplestory is a freetoplay, 2d, sidescrolling massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. Once you get arrow eruption, stand on the 6th step of the staircase of honour and spam it for dear life. Dear maplers, here are the changes for bowman class. Download a bypass for gameguard, software put in place to protect the game from hackers. Crossbowman if you like moderate attack speed with absolutely ridiculous high damage.

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